Electronic version of Barbara Brackman's famous book - contains nearly 4000 - yes !!  -  nearly 4000 blocks to complement EQ6 's 4000 -
a truly massive library of every block you could possible imagine. Has virtually every pieced block published from 1836 - 1970.

Extensive search capabilities - you can search for patterns by name, publication or dozens of other key categories.

Prints templates, numbered foundation patterns, rotary cutting instructions and coloured or grey-scale pictures.

Export bitmaps or metafiles

Blocks can be used with The Electric Quilt Software - Version 4, 5, 6 0r 7

 Required - CD-ROM Drive; 16 MB RAM suggested; no other software required
Runs on all Windows versions up to Windows 7

Note - This product has been revised and updated

No Change in Price - £59.95 inc. 1st class postage
Secure ordering now available

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