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Electric Quilt

Stash - Spring 2012

Stash Spring 012

Now available - over 5800 fabric scans from 22 Manufacturers

Requires Windows 95 upwards....... can be used in conjunction with EQ5, EQ6 or EQ7

for PDF file showing all fabric collections ( 4 Pages !!)

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Kaleidoscope CD

Can you sew these blocks?

If you can, then you can sew these too!


Introducing Kaleidoscope Collection by Andrea Bishop
with over 500 kaleidoscope style foundation blocks for EQ5 & EQ6.

Easy to install
The CD installs these blocks right into the EQ5 or EQ6 Block Library 
so you'll be using 
them in seconds.

Over 500 blocks
Huge variety of styles: Stars, compasses,
pinwheels, flowers, eight-pointed stars and more.

No drawing skills required
These blocks are ready to recolour and set into layouts in EQ5 or EQ6.
Enough blocks for hundreds of projects with no block used twice!

Print any size
These “sew-fast” foundations are pre numbered and ready
to print from EQ5 or EQ6 in ANY size.

Easy to sew
Each block has 8 precisely marked units, making even the most complex
blocks easy enough for beginners. Sew each unit.
Join the units and the block is done!
Or skip sections as you sew to simplify your unit.

Creative to design with
Enlarge for medallions, group for samplers. Any combination works together perfectly.
Great for use with EQ6’s new Rotate Fabric tool.

Two corner styles for variety
Choose from star point corners or strong diagonals—
each produces a different secondary design effect.

Twelve free web lessons
Join the club! The Kaleidoscope Collectors will use EQ5/EQ6 and this Kaleidoscope Collection CD
for 12 lessons. Learn to modify a block, try out quilt design variations,
draw from scratch, and learn to rotate fabric
   to complement the Kaleidoscope design.

Andrea Bishop is a well known EQ staff member, the EQ Webmaster,
and a designer who knows EQ5 and EQ6 inside and out.
She wrote the EQ6 User Manual and is EQ’s “go-to person”  on drawing difficult blocks.
As an EQ educator, Andrea has made dozens of appearances on
America Quilts Creatively, QNN-TV, and Quilting Arts television shows.

* The block patterns cannot be printed directly from the CD.
The block patterns, projects, and fabrics are installed into EQ5 or EQ6.
Use EQ5 software or EQ6 software to print the patterns.

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Angie Padilla's
My Dream House CD Cover
Play house with over 450 pieces to mix, match and make!

The block patterns and projects are installed into EQ5 or EQ6.
Use EQ5 software or EQ6 software to print the patterns. Use these projects with EQ5 or EQ6.

* The block patterns cannot be printed directly from the CD.

    CD includes
    • 15 dolls
    • 32 quilts
    • 127 blocks
    • 282 motifs
    • EQ5 and EQ6 projects
    • My Dream House Block Library
    • BONUS Children's Doll House project on PDF
Flip Fold

Using EQ5 or EQ6, modify Angie's prize winning designs for fused or needle-turn appliqué in any size you prefer.
Make Angie's quilts as designed. Create your own pillows, tote bags, wall hangings, and quilts using her motifs.
Quickly print Angie's designs onto pre-treated photo fabric, cut out, fuse and quilt.
So easy! You're the "interior designer" for your own Dream House projects.

Includes seasonal decorations — decorate your dream house for the holidays!

Contains blank houses to fill with furniture and accessories. Perfect for children/grandchildren projects.
Make furniture repositional by backing with flannel to "stick" to your house.

Price : £17.45 - Inc. UK VAT @20%

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Companion CD in association with C & T Publishing

Margaret J Miller's

Angle Play Cover

If you have EQ5, Margaret J. Miller’s new Half-RECTANGLE Triangle shape will open a world
of inventive design possibilities now you can play with these designs in EQ5.
Combine AnglePlay™ blocks and layouts for quilts that look so complex, but are so easy to cut and sew.

Traditional Ohio Star
using Half-Square Triangles
Ohio Block

Modified Ohio Star
using Half-Rectangle Triangles
Quick to cut – simple to sew – surprising effects!
Modified Ohio Star

The magic of AnglePlay™ quilts is the change in the angle of the diagonal seam as the grid unit
changes from square to rectangular, and from one rectangle shape to another.

All Angle Play Blocks
This EQ5 Companion CD includes:

* All 84 blocks from the AnglePlay™ Blocks book
* Bonus 225 additional AnglePlay™ blocks
* 18 new custom AnglePlay™ quilt layouts
* Over 600 fabrics in a new library
* A bonus palette of fabrics

Margaret J. Miller is the author of six books, and a studio quiltmaker who travels widely, giving lectures and workshops
on colour and design. She is known for her innovative work “changing the angle” in patchwork design,
and is the inventor of the AnglePlay™ templates for rotary cutting the HalfRECTANGLE triangle shape.
Margaret lives near Seattle, Washington.

* The block patterns cannot be printed directly from the CD. The block patterns, projects,
and fabrics are installed into EQ5 or EQ6. Use EQ5 or 6 software to print the patterns.

Price: £14.40 - Inc. UK  Vat @ 20%

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