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Amazing News for all Fabric Printers - or even printers of fabrics !

Bubble Jet Set 2000

Bubble Jet Set

Bubble Jet Set 2000 comes in 90 cl (36 US Fl. Ounces) bottles
Enough for 40/50 sheets of A4 sized pieces of Fabric
Special Offer on this item whilst stocks last
Price : £17.95   - includes 2nd class Postage and Packing to a UK Address and VAT @ 20%
1st class  also available for this item - see order form

The magic elixir that allows us to print colour photographs or anything else directly to fabric on our home computers for a
fraction of the price other manufacturers charge for their fabric sheets. It is a liquid fabric soak that will
make ink jet and bubble jet ink permanent and washable on 100% cotton and 100% silk fabrics.  It is a clear liquid and it
leaves the fabric soft like dye, not crusty like painted fabric, or plasticky like transfer paper.

Here are the Manufacturers Instructions for using Bubble Jet Set :

On the label of the bottle: Shake well and pour solution into flat pan.  Saturate fabric in the solution for five minutes.
Allow fabric to dry.  Iron fabric to the smooth side of freezer paper. Cut size to fit your printer.  Print on treated fabric,
and let sit for 30 minutes. Hand wash fabric with a mild detergent or machine wash in cold water on delicate cycle with a
mild detergent. When hand washing please also read additional instructions on bottle label or download from site - link below
Precautions:  Rubber Gloves recommended.  Use only in areas with adequate ventilation.  Use only as directed.
Results may vary with different printers and inks. We also supply a list of tips and hints from
Caryl Bryer Fallert who endorses the product in the USA

Go to Frequently Asked Questions  for more information

You may also download Full Manufacturers Instructions from here

and here is a photo of a beautiful wallhanging made with BJS treated fabric by
Jean Boath of Dalgety Bay in Fife
More of her work can be seen at

In and A Round St Andrews

In and A Round St Andrews  2006

I can now also supply Reynolds Freezer Paperas follows:
Freezer Paper Box
POSTAL PRICES - W/e 31.3.2014
12.1 metres (50 sq.  ft size - 15 inches wide ) - £6.55 - Inc. SHIPPING VIA MY hERMES 3 DAY SERVICE
15.2 metres (75 sq. ft size - 18 inches wide ) - £8,75 -  Inc SHIPPING VIA MY hERMES 3 DAY SERVICE
1st /2nd class and courier  options now available via e-mail

Basic PRICES - With Effect from 11.5.2012
 50 Sq. feet - £3.95
75 Sq. feet - £5.95
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Overseas postal rates available on request

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